Yeah! X3

My confirmation class is going on this scavenger hunt tomorrow. ewe We have to take pictures of stuff instead of picking things up. uvu Im not sure what well have to find yet though. xD

Were going to have pizza afterwards, and then were done with classes until like September! :D 

I have an iPod touch now! owo Nick gave it to me, he and Noah got iPhones and didnt want the iPods, so they gave them to Kayla and I. :3 I dont have much on it yet, but literally a hundred songs got left on it, aha. xD Theyre all Avenged Sevenfold and RWBY songs. I know a couple of the RWBY songs, and I heard one Avenged Sevenfold song around two years ago, but other than that I dont know any of them. 030 Im probably just going to leave them on, and Ill listen to them if my MP3 player dies, aha. xDD

Anyway, its twenty after eight and I havent talked to Mum yet, so I think Im going to get off for today. uvu

Ill tell you guys how the scavenger hunt went tomorrow! :D

Night guys! owo